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Social media - talking demographicsHas social media become mainstream? Is there still a role for traditional media, or has that had its da02/10/2017
Talking about Big DataIt seems that data is now becoming BIG DATA02/02/2017
News is in the NewsFake news is making the news.01/18/2017
Home and AwayHow trading has changed01/12/2017
Trade in the era of steam and sealing waxOnly a small portion of the UK  work force will have had direct experience of trade and commerce before  we joined the EU over 40 years ago. 12/20/2016
Single market or world market?Despite the British electorate voting to leave the EU, some politicians still seem to think that somehow this excludes the so called single market12/14/2016
Marketing in a post globalisation worldRecent political events might suggest that globalisation has passed its high-water mark and is now in retreat.12/08/2016
Has globalisation gone too far? Some years ago we came up with the tag line - 'Think globally, market locally'. At least we thought we had come up with that statement ourselves ...11/18/2016
The enduring power of images logos and symbols It is not just commercial brands that recognise the power of an image, logo or symbol to re-inforce loyalty to their products. But who would have thought that the poppy emblem could be considered a political statement?11/11/2016
The power of the right picture to sell a story The right picture can often often considerably enhance a news story. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.11/02/2016
Where do you go to for news these days? Not that long ago a popular source of news was the daily newspaper. Supplemented by radio, and later television.10/27/2016
UK Manufacturing moves back into top 10 News this week that Britain has climbed to 9th place in world global manufacturing rankings is welcome.10/25/2016
What you can learn from a walk round the warehouseThe picture given by the state of a company's warehouse can reveal more than the management accounts10/13/2016
When flip charts and duck tape were management toolsThe 1980's was a time when  various management theories surfaced, were eagerly adopted and  then often quickly abandoned. It was a time when management was being re-invented as a science to which formulae could be applied rather than the amateur style or leadership cult.09/23/2016
The Smartest Guys in the RoomWhen things seem to good to be true, then may be they aren't true.09/16/2016
The Book of the BlogWe recently laujnchedf a new book from Technical Marketing drawing on content from our blog.09/09/2016
Seeing the lightWhen I  worked for large corporates there was often a regular parade of inventors anxious to convince us to strike a deal with them08/24/2016
RSS - a news feed that just won't go awaySocial media has given new life to the term news feed and new legs for RSS? 08/17/2016
Talking about news publicationBefore Internet, news publication in the b-2-b sector was relatively simple.08/10/2016
Talking about market metricsMuch importance is given to measuring the value of various marketing initiatives that are sometimes referred to as marketing metrics. 08/04/2016
Time to bring back the export departmentBefore Britain joined what was to evolve into the EU, it was common for British companies to divide  the world into two main spheres. The Home market and the Export market07/21/2016
The BriefGetting the brief right and complete first time can save a great deal of time, money and frustration. But of course it doesn't happen very often.07/14/2016
A New Hope As UK  voters opt for the EU exit, companies will need to take a new look at their marketing plans.06/28/2016
Europe - the movie The use of a motion picture to tell a story  was one of the most compelling methods of communication developed during the 20th century.06/21/2016
The EU -in or out - which is best for business?The referendum campaigning shifted ground last week to focus on whether membership or independence was best for business. And associated with this the question of immigration - is that beneficial or a drain on the economy?06/15/2016
The EU - a single market or 28 individual country markets?I  have dealt with a number of companies during several decades in marketing and consultancy and observed how they variously trade with other countries.06/08/2016
Europe - is it stay or is it go? Not long to the UK Referendum to remain in the EU or leave. Our essay looks at the back story. 06/02/2016
Europe - the movie The use of a motion picture to tell a story  was one of the most compelling methods of communication developed during the 20th century.05/26/2016
Is print finally on the way out? Two different issues over the last few weeks, but both are bad news for print. 05/19/2016
New generation of entrepreneurs optimistic for UK business A recent survey revealed that 80 per cent of new entrepreneurial start ups are optimistic about the future for small businesses in the  UK05/11/2016
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