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New generation of entrepreneurs optimistic for UK business

David Brooks  11.05.2016

A recent survey revealed that 80 per cent of new entrepreneurial start ups are optimistic about the future for small businesses in the  UK.

What's more, 90% rate Britain a good place to start a new business and are confident about the future unfazed by the possibility of a British exit from the EU. Interestingly, comments made on this report see the EU as more relevant to big business than to small business.

Lets face it big business seems to have been associated with more innovative accountancy than innovative products. The bad press generated by huge global brands in large scale tax avoidance is rightly condemned by SMEs who pay their corporation tax. The EU seems a natural partner for big business, big organised labour and big government. Not only is the EU's  tariff block an outdated concept, but a business model that serves to isolate member states from the world outside. A world  that has already left the failing EU model trailing behind. While big business is happy for the EU to create barriers to protect a bunch of near bankrupt nations, SMEs and startups are saddled with the increasing burden of EU generated legislation. and costs.

So why do SMEs not do more business in the EU? As a small enterprise we had several clients for our marketing services in Europe. Why the past tense? Put simply, for us trading with the EU was just not worth the trouble. We have now pulled out of dealing with EU  clients. When it comes to the referendum vote, it is the individual citizens who will have a say and 5.2 million of them are small business owners.

As Britain decides whether to vote to stay in the European Union or  vote to leave, this blog will run a short series of articles on some of the practical experiences of business in the EU.

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