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New generation of entrepreneurs optimistic for UK business A recent survey revealed that 80 per cent of new entrepreneurial start ups are optimistic about the future for small businesses in the  UK05/11/2016
A view from inside the EUThe British referendum is not a day-to-day topic of conversation here in EU land. So far the only comments have been from the British ex pat community online news feeds and that mainly a concern about their residential status should Britain vote to quit05/05/2016
Will a Brit exit help SMEs?With big business mainly aligned with the government, the campaign to remain in the EU  has plenty of funding and backing to win the upcoming UK referendum. But what about the SME's04/28/2016
Is negative marketing a good idea?When it seems difficult to find something positive to say about your product, is turning instead to making negative statements about your competitors offer going to get you more business?+04/21/2016
Is this the most expensive leaflet ever?The news that the UK Government is picking up an Invoice somewhere in excess of 9 million pound  for a leaflet promoting their case for the EU, has left many people stunned.04/11/2016
Marketing for small start up businessesSo you have a great idea, you have started to turn that idea into reality and you have achieved your first orders and demonstrated the concept is viable. What next?04/07/2016
Talking about small businesses in the UKAccording to Government statistics there has been sustained growth in the total business population, an increase of 55 per cent, since the year 2000.03/31/2016
Talking about the global marketThe global market which has evolved particularly since the widespread adoption of the Internet has created a paradigm shift in how products are designed, built and delivered.03/22/2016
The market environment - political issuesIn recent blogs we have looked at the issues of EU membership that have had an impact on product development.03/15/2016
Design by consensusDesigning new products generally doesn't work when the task is handed to a committee03/09/2016
Can one product fit all markets?You might have thought that one product could suit all markets, or be made to suit all markets.03/01/2016
The market environmentThe markets in which we sell our products and services can be influenced by several external factors which establish the market environment.02/25/2016
Media - As The Independent goes digital only, Parliament stays with vellumIn a week when the Independent newspaper announced the end of the printed version, British laws will apparently continue to be recorded on vellum02/17/2016
Will new technologies bring social media into mainstream marketing?Technologies such as streaming news feeds, alternate viewing angles, 360 viewing and Virtual Reality creating an immersive experience, will soon be rolled out on a social media platform 02/11/2016
Paper Li – does it have a useful role?We set up Paper.li several years ago as an experiment02/05/2016
Is social media becoming a serious business tool? It seems only a short while ago that social media platforms such as Facebook, were largely dismissed by b-2-b marketers as inappropriate to their business.01/25/2016
Now long form content is the latest thing in marketingSuddenly a number of marketing sites are talking about long-form content. So what is this and why is it a good thing?01/21/2016
Is email the right vehicle for building sales relationships?Is email correspondence an adequate alternative to telephone contact  or  a sales visits?01/14/2016
Is your data up to date?Databases can be powerful marketing tools, but are yours up to date?01/06/2016
How about a book for Christmas?Choosing a suitable Christmas gift can be a challenge.12/16/2015
igital Marketing - rules of engagementOne thing marketing in the Internet [or digital] age does not lack is jargon.12/10/2015
Digital Marketing - what does it mean for b-2-b companies?The term Digital Marketing is gaining traction as digital agencies spring up or emerge from traditional advertising agencies. But what exactly does it mean in the b-2-b world?12/03/2015
The marketing budgetSetting and working to a budget is one of the key fundamental   components of the marketing infra structure11/25/2015
Writing the Marketing PlanNot many people take the trouble to write a marketing plan - why11/18/2015
Four pillars of b-2-b marketingThere are four essential matters that should be in place before any marketing activity is initiated...11/11/2015
Talking about meetingsWhen I worked in the corporate world, meetings seemed to occupy much of the day. Preparing for meetings, travelling to meetings, participating in meetings, writing up the minutes of meetings and finally actioning them..11/05/2015
Heading southIn the last two blogs we travelled north - this time we head south.What began as a test of, could we run a marketing business away from base, turned into a marketing appraisal of opportunities offered by the location.10/29/2015
Looking for the Northern Power HouseWe take a look at the territory.10/20/2015
Taking the business on the roadFor companies like ours that do not have a bricks and mortar existence, we decided to test how practical running the business on the road actually can be.10/15/2015
Technical Marketing - we wrote the book'Technical Marketing - ideas for engineers' is a book that should strike a chord with engineering, scientific and technical people in businesses that need to market their products.09/25/2015
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